A Few of Our Activities


Our members are interested in all KINDS of activities, as you can see! The list below represents just a few of the fun things we do; chances are you will always find something here to sign up for. Membership in Nanaimo Newcomers’ Club definitely has its rewards!  

Book Club

 Our members appear to love book club, as we already have two full groups. We encourage members  to initiate new clubs!  


 Get out to the lanes with your fellow Club members and score one for the team! 


 Flex your bridge strategy muscles and enjoy sharing your interest in this great game with some new friends! 

Chicks for Flicks

 This is a monthly activity. Movie times are either in the afternoon, or in the evening around 7pm. The Coordinator seeks input from participants the week before movie time to see what the group is interested in seeing.  

Drinks and Appies

 This event is scheduled once a month and hosted by a member. Members can often bring their partners (the hostess will determine if the event is "ladies only" or "partners welcome"). Members are invited to bring an appetizer of their choice to share, and to bring whatever they would like to drink. The hostess will supply tea and coffee. This is a really nice way to get to know each other in a more intimate setting.  


Discover the Islands

 Remember, you just moved to the West Coast, which is chock full of fabulous little islands to discover and explore. This group takes day trips to the countless gems that grace the Georgia Strait. 

Happy Hour

 A lovely way to end the day, with new-found friends - happy hour! 


 Kayaking is done in calm waters when the weather permits. It's a great way to explore the ocean, lakes and rivers in and around Nanaimo. What better way to explore than by kayak! This group is usually a fair weather activity, starting late April/May until end of June. 

Knit Wits

 Spend quality time with like-minded crafters by joining this enthusiastic group of knitters! They meet twice a month and, while they click away at a project, the conversations flow.  

Ladies' Lunch

 This event is held every month at noon. Members meet at a different restaurant each time to have a taste of Nanaimo. 

Talking Walkers

 A weekly walk, the group goes on hikes around the area and, as the name implies, we may not see a lot of nature as there is quite a lot of talking going on, but we do see some beautiful locations. The hike ranges in distance and terrain, but is suitable for all fitness and health levels and no special equipment is required. After the walk the group usually goes for coffee, lunch etc. depending on the location.